Objectives of Society for Radiation Research

1) To promote research in the areas of Radiation biology with basic and applied aspects; Clinical radiation biology and oncology; Radiation hormesis and low dose radiation biology; Environmental radiation biology, non-ionizing radiation effects; Radiation medicine, radiation technologies; Transnational research; Terrestrial and space radiation biology and any other relevant research areas.

2) To facilitate integration and interaction of different radiation research areas.

3) To promote the diffusion of knowledge in these research areas through organizing meetings, conferences, workshops, awareness programs, scientific publications etc.

4) Promote discussion, interactions amongst scientist-public-industry and acting as liaison to communicate facts and research developments to public, government and regulatory bodies.

5) Integration of Society with other National and International Scientific Bodies.

6) Facilitate and promote research in areas of radiation research by various means. Encourage and promote young researchers and students to pursue research and build career in the areas of radiation research

7) Promote and facilitate education of radiation research in national Institutes and Universities.