Reports of SRR Activities


SRR Report (2016-17)

December 15, 2017: Public Lecture on 'FOOD RADIATION SAFETY: MISCONCEPTS AND APPREHENSION' at Mumbai University, Mumbai

December 15, 2017: Public Lecture on 'Strategies to combat radio- and chemo-resistance in tumor cells' at Sophia College, Mumbai

October 27, 2017: Discussion Meeting on Advances in Cancer Radiotherapy and Research" October 27, 2017, CNCI, Kolkata

Feb 2-4, 2017: First International School on Radiation Research (ISRR-2017), Theme: Radiation Carcinogenesis: mechanisms and Experimental Models, Department of Biotechnology and Biochemistry, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu

Feb 2, 2017: BRNS Funded Public Outreach Program on “Radiation and Cancer” Organized by Society for Radiation Research (SRR) at Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu


SRR Report (2015-16)

December 15, 2016: Second SRR Establishment day: Public Lecture on Radiation Safety and Application of Radioisotopes, Department of Zoology, SV Phule University, Pune

October 15, 2016: Workshop on "Application of Radiation and Radioisotopes in Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer", VIT College, Wadala, Mumbai

February 11-13, 2016: International Conference on Radiation Research: Impact on Human Health and Environment (ICRR-HHE 2016) and First Biennial Meeting of SRR, MP Hall, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai on February 11-13, 2016


February 10, 2015: Discussion Meeting on Current Issues and Future Challenges in Radiation Research (CIFC-RR) at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

July 04, 2015: Workshop on Emerging Opportunities and Rewarding Career of Radiation and Cancer Research (CAREER-RCR). Department of Biophysics, Mumbai University

Dec 15, 2015: Public Lecture on First Anniversary of SRR: Topic: Cancer and Radiotherapy. Speaker: Dr. Manish Chandra, Radiation Oncologist, Jupiter Hospital, Thane. Dept. of Biochemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Thane College, Thane